How I save a workweek a year by efficiently managing my dev bookmarks

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Finding the desired link again can be sometimes a tedious job. It can even become frustrating when you don’t find it in a reasonable amount of time, because you know it’s there somewhere, you visited it before… After a struggle of about two or more minutes you finally find it.

Nailed it

This time you bookmark it and then you say to yourself - “from now on I will be more disciplined and consciously use bookmarks”.

bookmark (verb) - record the address of (a website, file, etc.) to enable quick access in future.

So far, so good. The problem is your bookmarks can turn into a monster themselves and you can later lose then more time browsing through them to find the right one, because you know now you bookmarked it…

Or didn't you?
Or didn't you?

Soon the bookmarks toolbar won’t fit into your 4k wide monitor anymore and on top of that the search function in most browser bookmark managers is “suboptimal”

Eventually you say “F*ck that, Google knows everything about me anyway, so I’ll just google it when I need it”. It usually works most of the time, all the privacy issues taken into account, but what about those intranet links or not google searchable resources? In most cases the (internal) searches are horrific, at least this was the experiences I had with companies and tools I worked with until now…

Well, out of these frustrations plus my wish to learn development with the MEAN stack, I have built It helps me manage my programming and work related bookmarks more efficiently, like 40 hours plus a year more efficiently…

Psst!!! Don't tell anyone but I am (mis)using it for other stuff too
Don't tell anyone, but I am (mis)using it for other stuff too

How is this possbile?

Now to the subject of this post, how can I save a workweek a year just by using

Well my computations are simple. It normally takes 30 seconds or more to look for a link the “traditional” way, and I do that at least 20 times a day. With codingmarks it takes about 10 seconds, so I get a time saving of around 20 * 20 / 60 = 6.66 minutes a day. Over a year’s time this translates to around 40+ hours of saved time.

Not to mention the saved frustrations, that is priceless…

To achieve that I use tags and descriptions to exactly identify the resources I am looking for. Some of the features I use most are :

  • tagging
  • custom searches
  • history

Check out the following video to see how I bookmark with, formerly known as

If you are convinced, give a try and share this post so other can save time too. Beware there is no 30 days money back guarantee, because everything is free and open-source.

Octocat Source code for is available on Github - Star

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Adrian Matei (aka adixchen)

Adrian Matei (aka adixchen)
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