1. Our mission

We are a non-profit organisation currently supporting two websites :

  • Codepedia.org, let’s code the better worlda coding knowledge hub, providing free educational content for professionals involved in software development. The website covers different topics and technologies with posts whose difficulty levels range from beginner to “hard-core” programming. You can learn more about the website by visiting the About us page and you can too be part of the community.

  •  Podcastpedia.org, knowledge to go – with the mission to build the most popular podcast directory. You can learn more about Podcastpedia by visiting our Story of Podcastpedia.org page. The Pocastpedia.org has recently been made open-source – PodcastpediaOrg GitHub repositories. We are looking there for your feedback and support.
  • 2. Organization info

    2.1. Registration data

    Codingpedia Association
    Fiscal Identification code:
    Address: Ion Barbu Street No.9, Campulung 115100, Arges County, Romania
    IBAN: RO17RNCB0023141637180001

    2.2. Founders


    Podcastpedia image
    Codepedia.org was founded by Adrian Matei (ama [AT] codingpedia DOT org), a computer science engineer, husband, father, curious and passionate about science, computers, software, education, economics, social equity, philosophy.


    Secretary image</p>
    Vice-president of the organisation, Siebel developer, wife, caring mother of our son Sebastian.


    Vicepresident image

    Secretary of the organisation, teacher, wife, caring mother of two and proud owner of two lovely cats.

    3. How can I support the Codingpedia Association?

    3.1. Help us keep our servers running

    As most of the non-profits, we live from our members funds and energy and from donations. We would really appreciate a small contribution for our work. You can donate via PayPal

    If you live in Romania you may choose to donate directly two percent from your annual income tax to

    Asociatia Codingpedia
    Cod de identificare fiscala:
    IBAN: RO17RNCB0023141637180001

    3.1.1. Why should I donate to the Codingpedia Association?

    By donating to the Codingpedia Association you show your support for our mission and help sustain a promising organization. Donations also shows your support for Open Source and provides you the opportunity to “give back” to the community. Finally, since the Codingpedia Association is non-profit organization, sponsorship might provide attractive tax benefits.

    3.1.2. Where will my funds go?

    We have normal business operating expenses which go with any organization. These include:

    • Bandwidth costs
    • Servers and hardware
    • Legal and Accounting
    • Normal office expenses
    • Marketing and PR
    • Sub-contractors to “fill in the holes” for administrative and secretarial duties

    Your donations will allow the Codingpedia Association to meet these expenses as well as expand our activities. Funding will allow us to perform pro-active hardware procurement, enhance our community outreach, sponsor developer hackathons and user groups, and perform non-code related improvements to projects such as better documentation and more comprehensive websites

    3.2. Become a member of the organization