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Here, at, we are firm believers that technological advancement and efficiency, driven among other things by the humans’ ability to program machines, has a positive impact on human evolution and well-being. We want to contribute to the expansion of this ability by offering a platform for sharing coding knowledge. We know you are talented, so we invite you to join our efforts and become a guest/regular writer for (we’ll call you a Coding Contributor).

What it takes?

You are willing to contribute unique, creative and useful coding-related articles to the Codingpedia community.

Note: No time to contribute original posts to yet, but you still have coding-related articles worth sharing, then you can join our Coding Friend Program and have your best ones republished. 


Well, apart from the great joy you’ll definitely experience, when you share knowledge that might serve others, you might also get the following:

  • drive traffic, ranking back to your own blog or website, via author link
  • get more quality connections on Twitter, GitHub or Google Plus, via the author link
  • all your posts will include the nickname/author name you choose to represent you on the website (e.g.
  • your posts will be promoted on our social media channels and will be part of the RSS feed
  • you can bring your own sponsors and adds for the articles you contribute
  • build a reputation and give something back to the community
  • you can enhance the quality of your posts by having at least one pair of eyes reviewing them before published
  • become a member of our organization on GitHub – CodingpediaOrg
  • you’ll definitely improve your writing skills with every new article


You will start as a Contributor, which means your posts will be reviewed before being published. If you post regularly and gain trust you can become an Author and then you can publish and manage your own posts. But why settle for Author and not go for Editor? As an editor you can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.

Writing hints

Just a few hints to consider when writing for

  • the content has to be original, meaning it will have to be initially posted on and every republishing of the article elsewhere will have to reference it
  • content is the most important thing in your post. So make it original, useful, relevant, simple, easy-to-read and scannable.
  • preferably provide some source code (GitHub etc.) or a live example of the code/technology you present
  • give credit to others and put reference links at the end of the article
  • be polite and open when replying to comments
  • Publishing Policy

    By choosing to collaborate with us you agree to our publishing policies.

    What’s next?

    Interested? Then, reach us at contact [AT] codepedia dot org  and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    It would very helpful, if you also let us know more about yourself

    We are looking forward to collaborating with you and we appreciate your contribution to the coding community,

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