How to generate a comma separated string from array in JavaScript

Use the arr.join([separator]) function. The separator specifies a string to separate each pair of adjacent elements of the array. The separator is converted to a string if necessary. If omitted, the array elements are separated with a comma (“,”). If separator is an empty string, all elements are joined without any characters in between them.

    private generateBlogPostHeader(commaSeparatedListOfTags: string, snippet: Snippet): string {
        let header: string = '';

        header += 'categories: [snippets]\n';
        header += `tags: [${snippet.tags.join(',')}]\n`;
        header += '---\n';

        return header;

You can also use the toString() method in this particular case with the same result

header += `tags: [${snippet.tags.toString()}]\n`;

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