Pass input as text in a POST request body in Jax-RS

Use MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN in the @Consumes annotation and then you have access to the text content as string

    @ApiOperation(value = "Create bookmark from text")
            @ApiResponse(code = 201, message = "Bookmark successfully created.", response = Bookmark.class),
            @ApiResponse(code = 403, message = "Forbidden")
    public Response createBookmark(@ApiParam("Bookmark") String boookmark, @Context UriInfo uriInfo) throws JAXBException {
        Bookmark created = bookmarkService.createBookmarkFromString(bookmark);
        UriBuilder builder = uriInfo.getAbsolutePathBuilder();
        return Response.created(;

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Adrian Matei (aka adixchen)

Adrian Matei (aka adixchen)
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