Get user input from input box in visual studio code

Use vscode.window.showInputBox - the returned value will be undefined if the input box was canceled (e.g. pressing ESC). Otherwise the returned value will be the string typed by the user or an empty string if the user did not type anything but dismissed the input box with OK.

const searchQuery = await vscode.window.showInputBox({
  placeHolder: "Search query",
  prompt: "Search my snippets on Codever",
  value: selectedText
if(searchQuery === ''){
  vscode.window.showErrorMessage('A search query is mandatory to execute this action');

if(searchQuery !== undefined){
  const searchUrl = `${searchQuery}&sd=my-snippets`;

Reference -

You can see it in action in the following demo:

Search from Codever Snippets VSCode Extension Demo
Search from Codever Snippets VSCode Extension Demo

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