Izitoast usage angular example

Project: codever - File: searchbar.component.ts

Here used the success method with IziToastSettings

import iziToast, { IziToastSettings } from 'izitoast';

removeSearch(search: Search, e: MouseEvent) {

  const indexSavedSearch = this.getIndexSavedSearch(search.searchDomain, search.text);

  const deletedSearch = this._userData.searches.splice(indexSavedSearch, 1)[0];
  this.userDataStore.updateUserData$(this._userData).subscribe(() => {
    console.log('Removed search ' + search.text + ' from domain ' + search.searchDomain);
    const iziToastSettings: IziToastSettings = {
      title: `"${deletedSearch.text}" deleted from "${deletedSearch.searchDomain}" search history `,
      timeout: 3000,
      position: 'bottomRight'

Reference - https://izitoast.marcelodolza.com/#Methods

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