How to use named parameters in JPA queries

Define a named parameter (:status) in a named query:

import javax.persistence.*;

@Table(name = PartnerInitialLoad.TABLE_NAME)
      query =
          "select p from PartnerInitialLoad p where p.status = :status order by p.partnernummer asc")
public class PartnerInitialLoad {
  public static final String TABLE_NAME = "T_PARTNER_INITIAL_LOAD";

  public static final String FIND_MAX_PARTNERNUMMER = "findMaxPartnernummer";
  public static final String FIND_PARTNER_BY_STATUS = "findPartnerByStatus";

  public static final String PARAM_STATUS = "status"; //the value here has to match the one in jpql, here "status"

 // further entity details emitted for brevity

Then, set the named parameter in the created TypedQuery (em.createNamedQuery) with the setParameter method, which expects the name of the parameter (should match the one defined in the @NamedQuery) and its value:

public class PartnerInitialLoadRepository {

  @Inject private EntityManager em;

  public List<PartnerInitialLoad> getPartnersByStatus(Integer chunkSize, String status) {
    var query =
        em.createNamedQuery(PartnerInitialLoad.FIND_UNPROCESSED_PARTNER, PartnerInitialLoad.class);
    query.setParameter(PartnerInitialLoad.PARAM_STATUS, status);

    return query.getResultList();

Same principle applies, if we create a collection-valued named parameters, to generate for example a SELECT IN clause sql as in the following snippet:

  public List<PartnerInitialLoad> getPartnersWithStatusInList(Integer chunkSize, List<String> statusList) {
   String sql="select p from PartnerInitialLoad p where p.status IN (:statusList) order by p.partnernummer asc"
    var query =
        em.createQuery(sql, PartnerInitialLoad.class);
    query.setParameter("statusList", status);

    return query.getResultList();

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