How to get current time in java enterprise and be easily testable

With Java version 8 it’s very easy to get the current timestamp with One problem that might arise is it’s not easily testable/mockable. Imagine some testing data and conditions depend on the date you set through this call, or you want to do “time travel”. The solution is quite simple - define a service class that produces the current timestamp, which you can then easily mock, in this case we’ll name it ProductionCalendar:

public class ProductionCalendar {
  public LocalDateTime currentTimestamp() {

  public LocalDate currentDate() {

  public String currentTimestamp(Partner partner) {
    return DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("")

Then when were you need to call inject this service and use its methods instead:

public class PartnerRepository {

  @Inject ProductionCalendar productionCalendar;

  @Inject EntityManager entityManager;

  public void savePartner(String partnerNumber) {
    Partner partner = new Partner();


  public List<Partner> getPartnerCreatedAfterDate(LocalDateTime timestamp) {
    String queryJpql = "select p from P p where createdAt > :timestamp order by createdAt desc";
    TypedQuery<Partner> query = entityManager.createQuery(queryJpql, Partner.class);
    query.setParameter("timestamp", timestamp);

    return query.getResultList();

Then, in the test class you can easily mock ProductionCalendar and calls to its methods and set timestamps as we need them:

public class UserServiceUnitTest {

  @Inject PartnerRepository partnerRepository;

  @Mock ProductionCalendar productionCalendar;

  void testGetLatestPartners() {
     var recentPartners = partnerRepository.getPartnerCreatedAfterDate(;
     assertThat(recentPartners, hasSize(1));


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