Copy to clipboard with angular material

Use the click event to pass the text to the handling function, in this case copyToClipboard(bookmark.location)

<span class="btn-light btn-sm" (click)="copyToClipboard(bookmark.location)" title="Copy link to clipboard">
  <i class="far fa-copy copy-link"></i><span class="copy-btn-text"></span>

To programmatically copy a string use the Clipboard which service copies text to the userโ€™s clipboard. We use a setTimeout to visually inform the user for a brief moment that the copy was successful

import { Clipboard } from '@angular/cdk/clipboard';

export class BookmarkListElementComponent {

copyLinkButtonText = '';

  constructor(private router: Router,
              private clipboard: Clipboard) {}

  copyToClipboard(location: string) {
    const copied = this.clipboard.copy(location);
    if (copied) {
      this.copyLinkButtonText = ' Copied';
      setTimeout(() => this.copyLinkButtonText = '', 1300);


See it in action at


See the reference link (official docs) how to use it for longer texts.

Reference -

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