Test error with array messages content containing message in jest test.each

When validating a note, bookmark or snippet on Codever several validation rules might be broken and the response given to the consumer will contain all the corresponding error messages.

In the following example we will consider the case of notes and how we can verify in jest repetitive tests if a broken rule is present in the error response. To do that we surround the method under test in a try catch block and use jest expect.arrayContaining assertion on the validationErrors array in the error content

describe('validateNoteInput', () => {
    // Test cases go here as an array of arrays
    // Each inner array represents a set of arguments to pass to the function
    // The last element of the inner array is the expected error message
    [123, { userId: null, title: 'Test', content: 'This is a test note' }, NoteValidationErrorMessages.MISSING_USER_ID],
    [456, { userId: 789, title: 'Test', content: 'This is a test note' }, NoteValidationErrorMessages.USER_ID_NOT_MATCHING],
    [111, { userId: 111, title: null, content: 'This is a test note' }, NoteValidationErrorMessages.MISSING_TITLE],
    [222, { userId: 222, title: 'Test', content: null }, NoteValidationErrorMessages.MISSING_CONTENT],
    [333, { userId: 333, title: 'Test', content: 'x'.repeat(NoteValidationRules.MAX_NUMBER_OF_CHARS_FOR_CONTENT + 1) }, NoteValidationErrorMessages.CONTENT_TOO_LONG],
  ])('throws a ValidationError with the correct error message', (userId, note, expectedErrorMessage) => {
    try {
    expect(() => noteInputValidator.validateNoteInput(userId, note)).toThrowError(ValidationError);
    expect(() => noteInputValidator.validateNoteInput(userId, note)).toThrowError(NoteValidationErrorMessages.NOTE_NOT_VALID);
    } catch (error) {
      // If the function threw an error, test that the error message is correct

Project: codever - File: note-input.validator.test.js

The method under test is defined in the following snippet

const ValidationError = require('../../../error/validation.error');

let validateNoteInput = function (userId, note) {

  let validationErrorMessages = [];

  if ( !note.userId ) {

  if ( note.userId !== userId ) {

  if ( !note.title ) {

  if ( !note.content ) {

  if ( note.content ) {
    const descriptionIsTooLong = note.content.length > NoteValidationRules.MAX_NUMBER_OF_CHARS_FOR_CONTENT;
    if ( descriptionIsTooLong ) {

  if ( validationErrorMessages.length > 0 ) {
    throw new ValidationError(NoteValidationErrorMessages.NOTE_NOT_VALID, validationErrorMessages);

const NoteValidationRules = {

const NoteValidationErrorMessages = {
  NOTE_NOT_VALID: 'The note you submitted is not valid',
  MISSING_USER_ID: 'Missing required attribute - userId',
  USER_ID_NOT_MATCHING: 'The userId of the bookmark does not match the userId parameter',
  MISSING_TITLE: 'Missing required attribute - title',
  MISSING_CONTENT: 'Missing required attribute - content',
  CONTENT_TOO_LONG: `The content is too long. Only ${NoteValidationRules.MAX_NUMBER_OF_CHARS_FOR_CONTENT} allowed`,

module.exports = {
  validateNoteInput: validateNoteInput,
  NoteValidationRules: NoteValidationRules,
  NoteValidationErrorMessages: NoteValidationErrorMessages

Reference - https://github.com/CodeverDotDev/codever

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