Select with in clause from list with JPA

The native SQL query we want to map in JPA is similar to the following:


With JPA you can use a TypedQuery for example and set the expected list of the IN clause directly as query parameter

public class PartnerDataRepository {

	@Inject private EntityManager em;

	public List<PartnerData> findPartnerDataFromList(
		List<String> partnerNumbers) {
	  TypedQuery<PartnerData> query =
			  PartnerData.FIND_PARTNER_DATA_IN_LIST, PartnerData.class);
	  query.setParameter(PartnerData.PARTNER_NUMBERS, partnerNumbers);

	  return query.getResultList();

In the named query itself you can pass the parameter with : as you would when setting a “normal” parameter:

@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE)
@Table(name = PartnerData.TABLE_NAME)
      name = PartnerData.FIND_PARTNER_DATA_IN_LIST,
      query = "select m from PartnerData m where partnerNumber in :partnerNumbers")
public class PartnerData {
  public static final String TABLE_NAME = "PARTNER";

  public static final String PARTNER_NUMBERS = "partnerNumbers";
  public static final String FIND_PARTNER_DATA_IN_LIST =

  //... rest ignored for brevity

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