Set focus on input field with autocomplete in angular

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  1. get access to the input field via template variable @ViewChild('publicSearchBox') searchBoxField: ElementRef;
  2. get access to the autcomplete trigger to close the panel (we don’t want that when the page loads) - @ViewChild(MatAutocompleteTrigger) autocompleteTrigger: MatAutocompleteTrigger;`
  3. call focus() and closePanel() on the two elements in one of Angular’s lifecycle hooks - here in AfterViewInit
  selector: 'app-searchbar',
  templateUrl: './searchbar.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./searchbar.component.scss']
export class SearchbarComponent implements OnInit, AfterViewInit {

  @ViewChild('publicSearchBox') searchBoxField: ElementRef;
  @ViewChild(MatAutocompleteTrigger) autocompleteTrigger: MatAutocompleteTrigger;

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {


Below you can see how the referenced template variable (publicSearchBox) and the angular autocomplete trigger are defined in the angular html template:

    []="searchDomain === 'my-snippets'"
    []="searchDomain === 'my-bookmarks'"
    [class.public-snippets-selection]="searchDomain === 'public-snippets'"
    (keyup.enter)="$; autocompleteTrigger.closePanel();searchBookmarksFromSearchBox(publicSearchBox.value)"

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