Verify empty object with Jest (extended)

Install jest-extended (npm install --save-dev jest-extended) and use the toBeEmpty assertion as in the following example:

const { toBeEmpty } = require('jest-extended');
expect.extend({ toBeEmpty });

describe('setFulltextSearchTermsFilter', () => {
  test('returns filter without $text when fulltextSearchTerms is empty', () => {
    const fulltextSearchTerms = [];
    const filter = {};
    const searchInclude = 'any';
    expect(searchUtils.setFulltextSearchTermsFilter(fulltextSearchTerms, filter, searchInclude)).toBeEmpty();

Use .toBeEmpty when checking if a String '', Array [], Object {}, or Iterable is empty. Because toBeEmpty supports checking for emptiness of Iterables, you can use it to check whether a Map, or Set is empty, as well as checking that a generator yields no values.

Project: codever - File: search.utils.spec.js

Reference -

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