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Dear fellow coder,

We believe here, at, that technological advancement and efficiency, driven among other things by the humans’ ability to program machines, has a positive impact on human evolution and well-being. We want to contribute to the expansion of this ability by offering a platform for sharing coding knowledge. We invite you to join our efforts and become a Coding Friend - All you have to do is keep publishing great articles to your blog, and our team of content editors will pick up your best content and republish it on our website.

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    What we ask of you is plain and simple – just continue to write great coding-related articles and our editorial team will pick up your best content. In case you think we didn’t consider an article worth sharing, please inform us about it and we’ll take a look. We will let you know once your content has been republished on

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    Coding Friends

    Our current Coding Friends:

    Catalin Armeanu

    Catalin Armeanu

    Professional graphic designer working with logo, web design, dtp, illustration and product photography. Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. For interactive design and animations he uses Adobe Flash - Action Script 3. He has been working as a freelance designer with international customers for 5 years. (He designed our logo)
    Johannes Brodwall

    Johannes Brodwall

    Johannes is the director of software development for the MRM product company BrandMaster. In his spare time he likes to coach teams and developers on better coding, collaboration, planning and product understanding.
    Johannes Brodwall

    Christopher Buecheler</strong>

    Christopher Buecheler has been designing and developing web pages professionally since 1997. He's worked as the principal front-end developer for four startups: GameSpy Industries, OkCupid, CrispyGamer, and GoldenSpear. A self-taught programmer, he understands the value of a good tutorial, and has tried to give a few back to the community. In addition to web work, he's independently published four novels and is currently working with his agent to find a publisher for his fifth. He also writes cocktail articles for Primer Magazine and runs a cocktail blog at He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with his amazing French wife and their two cats.
    Mahmoud Ben Hassine

    Mahmoud Ben Hassine

    Mahmoud is a passionate software engineer with 10+ years of experience in enterprise software development. He is an open source advocate and has contributed to several open source projects. When he is not coding, Mahmoud enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, running and playing chess!
    Abhishek Gupta

    Abhishek Gupta

    Java Platform fanatic and a Consultant in the Identity Management domain


    Integrated SSO and IDM for browser apps and RESTful web services. Built on top of the OAuth 2.0, Open ID Connect, JSON Web Token (JWT) and SAML 2.0 specifications. Keycloak has tight integration with a variety of platforms and has a HTTP security proxy service where we don't have tight integration. Options are to deploy it with an existing app server, as a black-box appliance, or as an Openshift cloud service and/or cartridge.
    Podcastpedia image

    Adrian Matei

    Creator of and, computer science engineer, husband, father, curious and passionate about science, computers, software, education, economics, social equity, philosophy - but these are just outside labels and not that important, deep inside we are all just consciousness, right?
    Vlad Mihalcea

    Vlad Mihalcea

    Software architect passionate about software integration, high scalability and concurrency challenges
    Podcastpedia image

    Aleksey Novik

    Software developer, likes to learn new technologies, hang out on stackoverflow and blog on tips and tricks on Java/Javascript polyglot enterprise development.
    Siva Reddy

    Siva Reddy

    Passionate java developer, open source enthusiast, blogger. I like to cover Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax Tutorials, How-To's and Best Practices.
    Andriy Redko

    Andriy Redko {devmind}

    15+ years of software development experience as Programmer/Software Developer/Senior Software Developer/Team Lead/Consultant. I am extensively working with Java EE, Microsoft .NET and Adobe Flex platforms using Java, C#, C++, Groovy, Scala, Ruby, Action Script, Grails, MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ...

    Toptal Blog

    The Toptal Engineering Blog is a hub for in-depth development tutorials and new technology announcements created by professional freelance software engineers in the Toptal network.
    Udemy blog

    Udemy is a platform or marketplace for online learning. Unlike academic MOOC programs driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses which can be offered to the public, either at no charge or for a tuition fee. Udemy provides tools which enable users to create a course, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges.

    Thank you

    We want to thank to our existing coding friends and all the developers out there, who contribute to the community and share from their knowledge and experience. We know it requires a great deal of effort and dedication, but we also know it is worth doing it – so keep on coding!!!

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