I have recently started to look more thoroughly into GraphQL. I must say I felt a bit overwhelmed at the beginning with the question - “Where do I start?”, I mean take a look at the spec… or don’t! Not yet.

I had already bookmarked dozens of GraphQL resources, I had read or watched before. I sat down and analyzed them again. So, I came up with a list of GraphQL resources I found most useful to begin. Thus, you can get a good grasp of GraphQL in about two or three days.

Note: The order is also important

After you are done with the theory I suggest you get your hands dirty and checkout my second blog post on GraphQL - Complete example of a CRUD API with Express GraphQL

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In this blog post I will list of the troubles I went through getting to run the Bookmarks.dev API on PM21 in cluster mode on an Ubuntu system with Node.js managed by NVM. The PM2 setup was on a single node (aka fork mode) until now with no problems, but I decided to take advantage of the multi-core capability and enable cluster mode with PM2.

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Finding the desired link again or that working piece of code can be sometimes a tedious job. It can even become frustrating when you don’t find it in a reasonable amount of time, because you know it’s there somewhere, you’ve seen it before… After a struggle of about two or more minutes you finally find it.

Nailed it

For code snippets it might take even longer depending on your project portfolio’s size. I had sometimes the impression I spent more time looking for stuff than actually programming

This time you bookmark the resource, and say to yourself - “from now on I will be more disciplined and consciously use bookmarks and a code snippet manager”.

So far, so good, but soon the bookmarks toolbar won’t fit into your 4k wide monitor anymore, and you might lose more time browsing through them… Because you bookmarked it, right?

Or didn't you?
Or didn't you?
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Being on a constant lookout for bookmarks management optimization on www.codever.land, I had this idea lately to add a bookmark to my history not only when I click the title of the bookmark (main URL), but also when I click hyperlinks in the description of the bookmark - sometimes I tend to bookmark the “parent” url and add “child” or related bookmarks in the description (an example would be bookmarking the same “resource” which is deployed on different environments like dev, test and prod):

Click on link in bookmark description

This plays really well now with the recently introduced hot keys to access the history and pinned bookmarks

Octocat Source code for codever.land is available on Github - Star

Well, let’s see how this looks like in code:

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You know how good ideas come out of the blue? Recently it hit me that I could more easily access my bookmarks history and the pinned bookmarks on www.codever.land with hot keys. So I sat down and implemented this feature. This post details how.

Hot Keys on Bookmarks.dev demo

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